This will be a short post, it’s 12.25am and it’s been a long day. What’s been happening?

We have been on our holidays for a week. The weather was miserable but we still managed to climb Scafell Pike and have a generally splendid time with 15 of our family and 3 dogs. Who needs weather when you enjoy each others company as much as we do?

Whilst we were away our absolute rock in this project, Greg, the amazing artist producing our characters around the shop, has also been letting in our other workers (all friends), taking deliveries, watching over and generally inspiring enthusiasm in everyone that passes. What we would have done without him I do not know, but in future I’m going to recommend everyone has a Greg if they open a bookshop!

Joined above by Cathy, something has happened during this project… the people we really needed have just been there when we needed them. Cathy has been a friend of Leannes for years, one of the loveliest positive giving people… and also, turns out, an ex professional window dresser! Who knew?  Our window, with both their help, is now drawing more wows and Ooohs than we could ever have dreamed of. Do you know what made me happier than anything today though? The previous shops signage was painted over… the shop now really feels like ours!

I need to stop now, just know we have also been working hard! We booked in nearly 2500 beautiful books today and yesterday and barring a bit of alphebetising and prettying they are on our shelves… I had a moment on my own late in the shop which brought me close to tears… we have a bookshop!