My Parents Opened A Bookshop (And that’s pretty cool)
You’ve all read Dan and Leanne’s blog posts about their journey of opening a bookshop and from (one of) their daughters perspective, its pretty awesome. I’m 22 years old and have spent the last year or so worrying that I should have it all figured out, but watching my parents following their dreams at 40 has made me realise that its cool to not have your future decided yet.

I’ve watched the bookshop unfold with Dan and Leanne since the beginning, since they came home drunk one night with an idea of a bookshop, to collecting the front door keys, and then opening the doors to the public. Its been amazing seeing kids reactions to everything – from the drawings on the wall to the amazingly chosen books on the shelves – and to be fair, I feel the exact same every time I enter the shop.

Leanne wrote a post called “Dropping The Baby” and with that, I think its fair to say that the shop has become another sibling to myself and my brothers and sisters. Its our baby as well. Something we want to help grow and nourish and support as it grows. Something we want to see everyday and hold it up when things get tough for our parents – or on the odd hour that they might need a sandwich break. We were all excited for its arrival and to see everyone’s reactions to it, yet still holding our breaths that people would love it as much as we do.

Bookbugs and Dragon Tales has brought us all together. Every time I enter the shop, one of my siblings is there helping out in any way they can. Whether its making coffee or stacking books or cleaning the office, someone is there to keep an eye on the baby under the watchful eyes of our parents.

Our parents might be scared to “drop the baby”, but luckily they have 5 other babies who will always be there to help pick it up, change the nappy and support it all that we can.


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