Elsie is out of options. She’s exhausted from being pushed in and out of social housing, she’s deflated by debt and she’s disturbed by the dark reality of having bailiffs show up at her door. With nowhere to go, there’s only one person left to turn to: her best friend, Juliet. She finds friendship and safety in Juliet’s flat, but when Elsie loses her bar job and all creative inspiration for her poetry dries up, she hits rock bottom. As she tries to breathe through the panic attacks, sleeping with the hot and spirited Bea isn’t exactly straightforward and offers Elsie just another place to hide. Whilst trying to turn her poetry into a career, her fragile world spirals out of control and Elsie reaches for her rocky foundations to try and steady herself on her path and not fall through the cracks.But sometimes what you’ve been searching for has been there all along. Can Elsie see it in time?

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“Frank, sexy, and so tender. Little’s pen shines” Bolu Babalola, author of Love in Colour

“A beautifully rendered story about love’s possibilities and its limits. I laughed, I cried, couldn’t put it down” Monica Heisey, author of Really Good, Actually

“An effervescent and irresistible new voice” Coco Mellors, author of Cleopatra and Frankenstein

“A wonderfully fresh, zesty and sexy debut novelist who is putting black queer lives, loves and longings centre stage, where they belong” Bernardine Evaristo, author of Girl, Woman, Other

“Full of energy, wit and excitement, this is a book to watch” Stylist

“Bold debut novel . . . free-spirited . . . amazing” Cosmopolitan

“A paeon to a queer love affair that’s sexy, complex and romantic. Effortlessly capturing our uncertain zeitgeist” Evening Standard

Elsie is a sexy, funny, and fiercely independent woman living in South London. But, at just 28, she is also tired. Though she spends her days writing tender poetry in her journal, her nights are spent working long hours for minimum wage at a neighbourhood gay bar.

The difficulty of being estranged from her family, struggle of being continually rejected from jobs, and fear of never making money doing what she loves, is too great. But Elsie is determined to keep the faith, for a little longer at least. Things will surely turn around. They have to.

As she tries to breathe through the panic attacks, sleeping with her hot and spirited co-worker Bea isn’t exactly straightforward and offers Elsie just another place to hide.

As Elsie tries to reconnect with her best friend Juliet, her fragile world spirals out of control. Can Elsie steady herself and not fall through the cracks?

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1 review for Rosewater

  1. dfridd

    I kept getting recommended this book by booksellers who I trust so added it to my TBR pile without any knowledge of the plot or author. It somehow made it to the top really quickly in between book club reads and I ploughed through it pretty quickly. The story starts with a struggling poet being kicked out of her flat for rent arrears which sets the scene nicely and creates the circumstances for what’s to come. Her Lesbien relationships and friends Sex work play an important part in the richly narrated pages.
    What did I love about the book? The poetry is what really makes it stand out. There are some incredible passages, one in particular about friendship will stay with me for a long time. The sex was a surprise, as mentioned I didn’t read the blurb and wasn’t expecting anything explicit. Certainly made me blush on train though!
    The story feels real, gritty, honest and well rounded. Will be recommending.

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