It Must Be My Hormones: A Practical Guide To Re-balancing Your Body and Getting


It is crucial to understand the important part hormones play in both our reproductive and overall health and realize how much we can do through nutrition and lifestyle to have a positive effect on our hormones. From boosting fertility to easing symptoms of PMS and menopause, this book offers practical guidance by experts.


Take control of your hormones and feel happier and healthier, with this practical guide to re-balancing your body and getting your life back on track

Hormones play a crucial role in our health and well-being, yet few of us understand the toll they take on our bodies when we don’t achieve a balance.

Whether you’re riding the roller coasters of puberty, pregnancy or the menopause, we’re all a slave to our hormones at some point in our lives, and they can leave you feeling tired, low and irritable.

In It Must Be My Hormones, leading specialists in women’s health Dr Marion Gluck and nutritionist Vicki Edgson, show you the role that each of our major hormones plays, how a deficiency can affect our well-being, and what we can do to restore the balance.

In this book you’ll discover:

· How to keep the weight off with thyroid boosting mega-foods
· Vitamins which work wonders for your skin
· How herbs and spices can give you a caffeine-free energy kick
· Which aromatherapy herbs are actually beneficial
· Ways to improve cognitive function through mineral supplements

From boosting fertility to easing symptoms of PMS, this practical, easy-to-implement guidance will restore mental and physical well-being.

Filled with inspiring personal stories, nutritional suggestions and advice on bio-identical hormone therapy, this book will help you regain control of your hormones and your life.

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