Special Forces Cadets 2: Missing


Tough enough? Smart enough? Max will require all his skills just to stay alive as a Special Forces Cadet. In this second book, the cadets are sent to North Korea. A British agent investigating the rogue state’s nuclear capabilities has gone missing. The secretive nature of life in Pyongyang means that unfamiliar adults would be attract suspicion and fall under immediate surveillance. So the cadets form part of a young pioneers tour to the North Korean capital. Once there, they must use their skills and training to find out more about the missing agent. In the course of their investigations, they forget the one rule every undercover operator must obey: trust nobody. When a local teenager they befriend betrays his suspicions to the North Korean secret police, the young cadets must use all their skill to escape the authorities and the country.

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Author Chris Ryan Published by Hot Key Books ISBN 1471407829 EAN 9781471407826 BIC Code F Cover Paperback


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