Jailbirds: Lessons from a Women’s Prison


Five things you might not know about women’s prisons. 1. You can buy clothes from the Avon catalogue. 2. The Governor gets called the ‘Gold Command’ when there’s an emergency. 3. Tampons are unlimited, soap is not. 4. The best paid job a prisoner can do is sewing pillow cases for other prisons. 5. More than half the women in prison have been victims of more serious crimes than the crimes they’ve committed. Life in UK prisons is a secret world that only leaks out of its barbed wire walls in contradictory sensationalist headlines and Panorama documentaries: disgraceful conditions versus phones and TV, drug epidemics and gangs versus self-harm and overcrowding. So what’s the truth? What do prisoners really do each day? Why are they in there while we’re not? And what happens once they leave?

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