Girl With The Ivory Knife Caroline Lawrence


From the author of The Roman Mysteries comes a nail-biting time-travel adventure, set in London. Billionaire Solomon Daisy is obsessed with the skeleton of a blue eyed African girl from Roman London. When his tech guys accidentally invent a time machine he decides to send London schoolboy Alex Papas on a mission. Time travel is easier for kids, and Alex knows Greek and a little Latin. The portable portal is placed in London’s Mithraeum, recently relocated back to its original 3rd century AD site. Now all Alex has to do is go through and find the blue-eyed girl. There are just three rules: 1. Naked you go and naked you must return. 2. Drink, don’t eat. 3. As little interaction as possible. But Time Travel is fun fair, and there are more ways to die in Roman London than Alex could have guessed.

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