The Crowdfunder

You may have seen on the news that we set up a Crowd Funder on Thursday 6th October to save our business, which has been struggling. 2 hours in and we were amazed at the response already with people sharing it far and wide and smashing the dreaded 10% barrier. Then, something very unexpected happened. Russell Crowe dontated £5000 taking us to £8000, over half way to our £15000 target!

What has happened since has been incredible for our shop. By leaving his name to the donation he has given us the spotlight to talk about our shop and the value of all bookshops to the global media. We are just thrilled to be able to say that we have now FAR surpassed our total and our stretch total of £18000. The donations haven’t stopped and we have had serious chats about what to do with this extra funding. You can read all about our mission as a bookshop. Our hearts are in this for the opportunity to bring books to children who might otherwise not have opportunities to own their own books. Books gave both Leanne and I aspirations, opportunities and a sense of the world and this is where we want to make a difference. Any further donations will go towards developing our outreach programs to rural and city schools and their children. We will spend every penny wisely and with this in mind and also try to improve our disability access. There will be more plans hatched but I just wanted to put this explanation here for the people visiting our website and subsequently asking “Where’s the link”.

We don’t ask for anything more. We have enough and have been put straight. Norwich needs us and we have more fight in our bones than you can imagine.

So this link is purely to satisfy those that have been asking where the link is on the website. We can’t stop you continuing to be generous and nor would we want to. We will make sure it is put to the best booky use.