That’s right, as if opening a bookshop once in a year wasn’t stressful enough, we went and did it twice! I think the stress may have got to us all a bit more this time round. The madness set it and we created a musical theatre number to deal with it!

This is something we always had up our sleeve but had much grander plans involving both of our theatre companies (The Common Lot andΒ  Second Side) think… “Consider Yourself” from Oliver! but for now you will have to put up with our amateur effort filmed on a Galaxy S10!

Another exciting announcement is that because of (one of) Dan’s other jobs we are honoured to announce that we are the 1st independent bookshop in the world that can accept National Book Token payments on our website!

So… if you’ve been sitting on a pile of Book Tokens waiting for a safe time to spend them, wait no more! Go crazy!

Obviously we would much prefer you to come and see us or another indie bookshop but if they are burning a hole in your pocket put out that fire!

Enter the long card number at the checkout, scratch off your pin number next to it and enter that. Then select Add Card and it will reduce your balance.